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  • Solaarte Collection - Desiderio
    Desiderio Chair

    Plexy Luxury
    a new experience for luxury design
    Made in Italy, made for you
  • solaarte-keoma-maya
    Italian handicraft

    Find the new
    essence of comfort

  • The Italian Beauty
    The Italian Beauty

    Discover luxury home entertainment
    Luxury game room and exclusive home theaters,
    pure expression of Italian Beauty

  • Furniture
    Made for you
    Capture and indulge in the authentic of the italian design
    through furniture and accessories uniquely custom built to
    cater to your individual and peculiar needs
  • Fine Art
    Italian art
    Italian art is a worldwide heritage
    and our aim is to bring a masterpiece to everyone
    who wants to have their own piece of art at home

Who we are

Furniture and accessories are certainly the added value of a home. A painting, a sculpture, a lamp, can help make your home unique and exactly delineated according to your taste and your own personality.

That's why we, at Solaarte, chose for our customers the best of contemporary Italian design and art in theimmense heritage of the Made in Italy.

Autenthicity and Quality Guarantee

All our furniture are unique and produced respecting the traditional Italian craftsmanship supported by the most innovative technologies.

The attention on details is linked on the use of exclusive materials.

Every piece is handmade, often custom-made, and submit to controls to give the maximum quality, living it a unique and an exclusive value and excellent feature totally Made in Italy.
Solaarte handmade

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