Fine Art 


  • Leonardo Balbi

    Was born near Verona and lives in Mantova, where he works and paints in a historical building, a former industrial site now used as an atelier and an art gallery.

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  • Anna Santinello

    The work of Anna Santinello was born from an unconscious desire to manipulate, dig, hurt and create again with painting and with sculpture. In this latest work, her desire is fullfilled not only with the twine of metal wires of various nature, but she is always looking for new creative espression, experimenting poor materials too and marble and bronze processing.
    The artist explores the territories of the psyche and the unconscious, the mystery of birth and death, without claiming to explain what is hidden behind appearances, but with anxiety of proposing, shaking and engaging.
    Her works are all presented "Untitled" because feelings or emotions of those who are looking at can be shown with absolute freedom without conditions.
    Each of us has a personal sensitivity, always different, depending on their origins or culture that can be totally different one from another. it will be the observer to shere this task with the work.
    By the way, to help the observer, she tries to suggest a possible interpretation.

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  • Mario Fontana

    Mario Fontana was born in Cariati (Italia) on the 15th of November, 1979. He gradueted in July 1999 in Cariati Marina (CS). He’s always been interested in arts, but his passion actually developed when at 15 years old he started painting. Since then, he experimented on his own with different techniques such as painting, sculpture and drawing. Between 2001 and 2002 he worked in the field of sculpture in Cariati Marina, improving till he was able to show his works in public and
    private collection. His career became a big deal after he moved near Milan, in 2004, where he had more chances to be noticed. Since then he participated in exhibitions both in Italy and abroad and was featured in the Illustrious Annual Report "Mondadori per l'Arte" of 2017.

  • Erika Bonato

    Eclectic artist and performer was born in Verona in 1977 and now lives and works in Reggio Emilia. During her career she has exhibited in many personal and collective exhibitions and has performed both in Italy and abroad, making herself known through her expressive originality as an exponent of contemporary Italian art. Her research was born out of a long experimentation, started with the art studios in Verona, having immediately manifested her natural tendency towards art, continues with approaches to the world of fashion, and ultimately leads to her final choice, that of devoting herself entirely to artistic career...

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  • Daniele D'Aluisio

    Daniele D'Aluisio was born on 9 February 1986 in the town of Carpignano Salentino, within the Apulia region of south east Italy. After spending many years in Sydney, Australia, he currently live in Los Angeles, California.

    He is a self-taught painter. His love for art led him to begin drawing and then painting, and over time his dedication has allowed his skills to grow to the point where his passion for art has developed a clear form and style. Many years of work within the family welding business also means that Daniele has experience with metal manipulation. Indeed, in his earlier years, sculpture was his preferred method of displaying his imagination in an artistic form...

  • Roberto Milan

    Sculptor Roberto Milan lives and works in his native city of Udine, Italy. As a child his passion for art was nurtured at the family-run wood sculpture workshop founded in 1928. Here he was held spellbound by the force and potential of the chisel and gouge. Being introduced to the medium of wood and the possibilities it offered for artistic expression at such a young age, was pivotal in his direction as an artist. For decades the family studio created prestigious wood works and Milan cites its continuing influence on his creativity. Milan studied at the School of Arts in Udine and was influenced by talented mentors in many aspects of art. As a contemporary sculptor working in mixed-media with a focus on wood, he is dedicated to the study and research of antique wood-work techniques, pigments, the secrets of patination, gilding, and nourishing of the surface of wood. He has skillfully combined time-honored techniques with the modernity of his forms and contemporary concepts.

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  • Jacopo Spilimbergo

    Growing up in a family of strong creative stance, he attended schools of artistic nature and gemology, graduating in Milan at the Istituto Italiano di Fotografia in 2006. After his studies, he moved to London where he became assistant to several photographers of fashion and still-life. Upon return to Italy, he had the opportunity to photograph the Maxxi in Rome, a commissioned work by Zaha Hadid Architects. Henceforth, begins a passion for architectural photography. Jacopo simultaneously cultivates three distinct photographic worlds; still life, fashion and architecture. He lives between Milan and Los Angeles. In all his photographs one is able to note the continuous research of absolute splendour, shapes and irreplicable moments of beauty.