About us

gabriele macrì

Solaarte launched in 2015 by founder Gabriele Macrì is an inspiration infused by passion for Italian art and design: undeniably composed of the peculiar talent of creating exceptional worldwide recognized and esteemed products.

Solaarte’s mission is to envision how raw materials and resources coalesce to extraordinary, idisputable quality guaranteed products.

Solaarte guarantees their products’ authenticity to customers. Buyers are assured with validation that their purchases are genuine and unique "Made in Italy" products.

Capture and indulge in the authentic essence Italian design through furniture and accessories uniquely custom built to cater to your individual and peculiar needs.

Italian Art is a worldwide heritage and our aim is to bring a masterpiece to everyone who wants to have their own piece of art at home.

Who we are

Furniture and accessories are certainly the added value of a home. A painting, a sculpture, a lamp, can help make your home unique and exactly delineated according to your taste and your own personality.

That's why we, at Solaarte, chose for our customers the best of contemporary Italian design and art in theimmense heritage of the Made in Italy.

When you think of decorating a home you do not just think about what you need, but also to what you really like, because home is the place where we spend the most intimate and important moments of our lives, along with family and friends.

We look for the best quality, because we believe that this makes the difference and we think the attention to details is our distinguishing feature.

Solaarte wants to become the reference for its customers: a reliable and competent partner in the field of furniture and accessories.