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  • 1 Creazioni

    Solaarte Creazioni

    About Creazioni

    Born in 1997, Creazioni gives to the most important past features a new modern and casual look. Created by Cristina Gattei, Creazioni is now one of the most important brand in the International background thanks to its inclination to innovation. The mission is to recreate trough modern technologies a collection of furniture where “the past speaks with future”. Without taking away the authority of the past, Creazioni gives a new light to old styles: vivid colours, unusual materials and original finishing touch.  Creazioni has a large choise of furniture and accessories and each year it proposes a great selection of new products in line with innovative technologies. This innovative process is extended also to a contemporary design. The meaning of Creazioni is “creations”. This word is not just the name of a brand, but also its soul.

  • 2 Modà collection

    Solaarte Modà Collection

    About Modà Collection

    Modacollection has been decorating  houses of traditional charm combined with international influences for 50 years.The high quality of products is made with innovative techniques form a furniture collection 100% made in Italy, thanks also to the ability of prepared artisans.Well cared details, make Modà style recognizable and the new interpretation of contemporary luxury outlines his philosophy: "lifestyle and trend of fashion, luxury means having a one-piece able to customize your home personality.

  • 3 Vismara

    About Vismara Design

    Vismara Design is a well-known Italian brand who produces luxury furniture and accessorizes for the home living. Vismara products were born from the collaboration between professional designers and skilled craftsmen. The bond among tradition and modernity, elegance and functionality give birth to a unique and inimitable product. Vismara Design’s jewel in the crown is the tv wall unit, which let the brand be famous all over the world. Over time, the company has increased its production expanding it to the living room, the dining room area and creating a new concept for the entertainment area, focusing on the home theatre, entirely projected by Vismara Design. The desire to create unique settings and exclusive furnishings is the driving force who encourages Vismara Design to continuously renovate and propose the best for its clients.

  • 31 Luxury Entertainment by Vismara

  • 4 Villevenete

    villevenete solaarte

    About Villevenete

    Thank to the traditional know-how and a careful market research, Villevenete develop in 2016 a brand new collection, named OUTDOOR.
    The collection outdoor has a clean profile that follow an aesthetic balance.
    It keeps elegance and quality, but it innovates in relax.
    The collection aims to seduce those who loves to decorate the space they live in, those who wants a comfortable and easy way to spend their time outdoor, those who searches always the best quality and details in design solutions.

  • 51VG Newtrend

    About VG Newtrend

    VG was founded in 1991 in Treviso, 20 km from Venice. This unique city can teach the art of beautiful things, architectural proportions, the use of different materials and inspiration from distant cultures, reworked by brilliant Italian craftsmanship.

  • 52 Longhi

    Solaarte Longhi

    About Longhi

    Elegance, comfort and functionality: this is Longhi furniture. Born to satisfy the contemporary living, with tradition in manufacturing . Its success is due to an expert process that goes from the selection of materials to the communication with customers. Its style, elegant and sober, is as important as comfort and functionality. Collections are constantly renovated and they are part of coordinated modular system, even custom-made with clients’ own personalization.

  • 6 Solaarte Collection

    Solaarte Collection

    About Solaarte Collection

    Solaarte Collection was born in 2016 together with the idea of making people know the real Made in Italy in the field of furniture. Actually, at Solaarte we think that the great heritage of this Country can be represented  through furniture such as  a table or a chair, or a real piece of art in your home. With Solaarte products your house can become a gallery, full of art and Italian style. Solaarte breaths the design and because of that, we have create a collection for you. Solaarte collection chooses the best materials, the best artisans and the best designers to create high quality products that can answer to your needs.

Showing 1 - 9 of 18 items