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  • 61 Keoma

    Solaarte Keoma Progetti Sartoriali

    About Keoma Progetti Sartoriali

    Keoma was born in 1984 and has been in the Italian and International market for over 30 years continuously. We have been exporting to many countries in the world for years and we have had a strong expansion since 2008 in Russia We attend numerous international furniture and furnishing fairs such as Milan, Moscow ("WorlWide" and Mebel Salons), Dubai, Shanghai, Kiev. Our strength is surely the excellent value for money and the service always attentive to the customer. We work directly with our customers, we have no agents. We also work "tailor-made" by making changes to our models, and this allows us to meet any need.

  • 62 Unconventional Perfume Milano

    About Unconventional Perfume Milano

    Unconventional Perfume Milano is a brand born from the desire of the Ganzetti brothers, Carlo and Luigi, to develop a set of fragrances that would go further beyond the concept of home diffuser to give life to authentic pieces of interior design made with commitment, passion and first-rate materials to provide the customer with a 100% Made in Italy product.

  • 7Roberto Milan

    As a contemporary sculptor working in mixed-media with a focus on wood, he is dedicated to the study and research of
    antique wood-work techniques, pigments, the secrets of patination, gilding, and nourishing. He has skillfully combined
    time-honored techniques with the modernity of his forms and contemporary concepts.
    His sculptures in the “Totem” series evoke ancestral energy – the potentiality of fire, the essence of cosmic energies;

  • Erika Bonato

    Eclectic artist and performer was born in Verona in 1977 and now lives and works in Reggio Emilia. During sher career he has exhibited in many personal and collective exhibitions and has performed both in Italy and abroad, making herself known through her expressive originality as an exponent of contemporary Italian art. Her research was born out of a long experimentation, started with the art studios in Verona, having immediately manifested her natural tendency towards art, continues with approaches to the world of fashion, and ultimately leads to her final choice, that of devoting herself entirely to artistic career.

Showing 10 - 18 of 18 items