• My experience at Solaarte.com

    My experience at Solaarte.com

    When I think about design, I think about what I would like for my home. I think about it, but I am not able to imagine and figure out the ambient: I try, but I am not really good at it.
    So, I need to find inspirations and Internet is my open source. Unfortunately, there is a lot to go over and it is not easy to find your perfect style. I like elegance, but not a tedious one. I like peculiarity, but not extravagance. I want comfort, but not uniformity…
    When I bumped in solaarte.com I was impressed by its products. They are new, they are fresh, characteristic, unusual, funny, stylish, simple, sumptuous and also classic.
    You can find whatever you want.

    My favorite is the armchair Prince: Marilyn Monroe on the seatback and the red frame are such a gorgeous combination.

    And what about their Fine Art section? Leonardo Balbi’s artworks have a great visual impact and they express the power of the nature: the trial Wintergarden is my first choice.

    Carmen N.